At Summit Roof and Exterior Painting, we are a group of professional, skilled, and experienced roof specialists serving the residents and businesses in the Young area. Whether your roof needs a complete overhaul, makeover, rebuilding, painting, spraying, or major or minor repairing, there is no reason to look beyond Summit Roof and Exterior Painting. We are masters of the trade and would leave no stone unturned to make you feel happy and satisfied.


The material we use is top-notch and combined with the latest technologies and applications so that your roof and home gets a new lease of life. Our prices are affordable and will not leave a hole in your pocket. Our services include:

Repointing The Walls and Roof

Repointing is a delicate and painstaking process of filling the gaps between the brickwork and mortar caused by the onslaught of harsh elements of weather; the sun, wind, and rain. If repointing is not done after every few years, it can lead to not just the walls losing their shine but also lead to weakness in them. Overtime, the walls may become so weak that the entire structure of your house may get weaker and safety of your family compromised. You must act before this happens. The process of repointing is not only delicate but also needs skilful hands. When done right, it leads to the walls and your house look brighter and stronger. Our customers trust the repointing skills of our team turning to us year after year to get their homes and roofs repointed.

Roof Painting

While every element of the house is unique and has a role to play in the overall look and composition of your home, roof is one element that binds everything together. If it looks shabby and is not properly taken care of, the looks of the entire house will go for a toss. Not just the looks but the roof also provides a structural integrity and strength to your house. So you must ensure that the roof remains strong and looks the part even if the house is many years old. With our cost-effective and professional roof painting services, you do not need to worry about the overheads or the extra time you will need to spare to get your roof painted. Our team will take care of everything that needs to be done leaving you time to focus on more important things. We provide services for your residential, commercial and industrial properties. Following are some of the services we provide to our customers:

Restoration of the Roof

Roof takes the most beating from the harsh elements of weather for obvious reasons. However, it is rather unfortunate that it is also the most neglected part of our house. Years pass by and most people do not even bother to check if the condition of the roof is good or bad. Finally, due to the neglect, when it cracks and leaks, only then we realise that something needs to be done.

Don’t wait for that day when you are forced to act. Keep a regular check on the condition of your roof and get it repaired and painted at regular intervals so that it not only does the job of protecting your house and family well but also looks great in the process.

Our experienced team can restore roofs built with both terracotta and cemented tiles. Should you choose us for your roof restoration job, 0ur representative will inspect your roof thoroughly and suggest the most viable and effective course of action. Here are a few things you must know about both type of roofs so that you are well-informed about their nature.

Roofs with Cemented Tiles: These are very common and popular for a variety of reasons. The most important of them being that they are sturdy, less prone to damage from elements of weather, and cost less. But overtime, they too can get damaged or cracked. We work on the restoration of cement tiled roofs by replacing the cracked tiles and repointing the ridge caps for those tiles that have become weaker. If there is a need for it, we also use high pressure cleaning to remove dust and other unwanted particles from your roof and then finally coating it. This treatment will not only provide the roof protection from harsh weather but also make it shine better.

Terracotta Roofs: These roofs are great to look at but slightly difficult to maintain. Even the restoration of terracotta roofs is a matter of skill and experience. The biggest issues that plague terracotta roofs are accumulation of algae, moss, and retention of moisture. When these issues are not tackled in time, they cause the tiles to get softer and break. Our techniques to bring terracotta roofs back to glory involve high pressure cleaning, repointing, spraying, and replacing softer or damaged tiles.

Roof Repair

When your roof has developed cracks, constantly leaks, or has a faded colour, you should consult a roof repair specialist. Australian weather is notoriously harsh to inflict damage to homes and roofs in particular, overtime. It is always best to keep a watch on the condition of your roof and get it repaired before things go out of hand. It is also cost-effective to get regular maintenance done at regular intervals than spending a large amount on major repairs. If and when you notice problems, it is best to act immediately and call for an inspection. This will arrest any minor issues from becoming major problems in the days to come. This is where we can help you. 

In addition to maintenance of roofs, we also conduct emergency repairs that are caused as a result of an unfortunate accident or natural calamities. Our roof repair services include repointing ridge capping, replacing broken or damaged tiles, spraying and painting. Before all this, we inspect your property, educate you about the things that need to be done, give you a quote and only if you are satisfied with the assessment, go ahead with the repair work. The type of repair varies between whether the roof is built with terracotta tiles or cemented ones.

If you are looking for the most skilful, experienced, and yet affordable roof repair and restoration team in the Young region, call Summit Roof and Exterior Painting for an evaluation.