A roof restoration is a highly complex process which enables you to bring your roof back to its former glory without the price tag of a roof replacement. Restorations involve; replacing broken tiles, high pressure cleaning, re-cementing, ridge capping, re pointing ridge capping using flexi point, applying a sterilising solution, applying primer / sealer and applying 2 coats of Dulux roof membrane (paint).

It is difficult to determine the exact length of time a roof restoration should take however on average 2-4 days should be sufficient depending on roof size and other factors such as the weather.

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Summit Roof and Exterior painting uses only the highest quality of materials such as Dulux roof membrane .

Summit Roof and Exterior Painting is backed by Dulux provides a 10 year guarantee on all labour and materials.

Bank cheque, cash or EFT is the preferred payment options.

There are many reasons why a roof restoration is the better option over a roof replacement. There is minimal disruption to your home, restoration costs are always the cheaper alternative yet provides the same results and less debris in landfill by unnecessary roof replacements.