Terracotta Roof Painting

Terracotta tiles are a great feature to a home. If they’re weathered, cracked, or damaged, it can not only impact the appearance of your home but also your safety. Terracotta tiles can attract moss, creating soft, moisture filled tiles that can be easily damaged. Our experienced team offer terracotta tile roof restoration, repairs and maintenance for your home or business.

If your terracotta roof tiles aren’t damaged and simply need a fresh coat of paint, we offer quality terracotta roof painting services to residents and businesses in the New England region. This includes Tamworth, Armidale, Scone, Muswellbrook, Parkes, Forbes, Young and surrounding areas.

Over time, being exposed to the elements and the, at times, harsh Australian weather, the colour of your terracotta roof tiles may begin to fade. If you’ve noticed the appearance of your roof decrease, our professional roof painters can help. We use quality Dulux Acratex products in a three-coat system, one sealer and two top coats. This ensures an appealing aesthetic, great curb appeal and longevity for your roof.

Can you paint terracotta roof tiles?

Yes, if there is no damage, a fresh coat of paint applied by professional roof painters will lift the appearance and value of your roof and home. If there is damage, terracotta roof restoration and roof repairs will be needed before painting.

How much does it cost to have your terracotta roof painted?

For a free quote please contact us on 0408 49 22 74 .

What is the best paint for roof tiles?

We use and recommend Dulux Acratex products in a three-coat system, one sealer and two tops coats.

Terracotta Roof Painting New England

Don’t risk a DIY or amateur paint job. Call the terracottra roof tile painting specialists at Summit Roof and Exterior Painting and allow us to transform the look of your roof, add vibrance and appeal. Call our friendly team on 0408 49 22 74 or email info@summitroofpainting.com.