COLORBOND® roof Painting

A weathered and dreary looking roof can decrease the value and appearance of a home. Exposed to the elements and the, at times, harsh Australian weather, the colour of your roof will fade over time. While COLORBOND® is a quality roofing material, over time you may wish to add a new coat to your COLORBOND® roof to maintain its vibrant and impressive appearance.


COLORBOND® is a steel product, available in a rainbow of colour coatings. The standard range boasts 20 designer colours.

Although COLORBOND® delivers long life performance, you may wish to add a new coat of paint to make it fresh and have it look like new. Over time, COLORBOND® – like any roofing material – can fade. This is usually caused by weathering and can be fixed with a new coat of paint. Repainting the roof is a much cheaper option than restoration or a brand-new roof.

A professional painter will be able to colour match the new paint to your roof, using COLORBOND® codes. It’s worth noting that if you’re using COLORBOND® for a touch-up, the new paint may not match other faded parts of the roof. For this reason, it can be wise to re-paint the entire roof, gutters, downpipes and fascia and get the entire structure looking like new.

COLORBOND® Roof Painting Services

Don’t settle for an amateur job just to save money! You will regret it every time you pull into the driveway and see a patchy, poorly painted roof.

For safety and a superior finish, it’s best to hire a professional roof painter. Our team at Summit Roof and Exterior Painting are experienced with COLORBOND® repainting, are qualified, licensed and insured. Our work comes with a guarantee on materials and workmanship. We offer COLORBOND® roof painting services in Tamworth, Armidale, Scone, Muswellbrook, Gunnedah, Parkes, Young, Forbes and surrounding areas.