Summit Roof and Exterior Painting are a professional, skilled, and experienced team of roof specialists serving the Forbes area. We go above and beyond for our customers to ensure that their homes and roofs are both strong and look great. From routine roof maintenance to emergency roof repairs, we do it all with pride and passion. 

We use high quality material and latest techniques in roof restoration and maintenance and yet our services are extremely affordable. We offer roof restoration services to both residential as well as commercial businesses.


Over the years, weather and other external factors can make the brickwork on your home lose its shine and strength. This is due to the gap that occurs between brickwork and mortar. When this happens and is not treated at the right time, the entire structure can become weak. However, the process of repointing can easily correct it and breathe a new life into your house. Repointing is a delicate job that requires skill and experience to be done right and when it is done right, it transforms the looks of your house and helps it in regaining its strength. Our professional repointing services are affordable and long-lasting and will keep your home look younger and brighter for a long time.

Roof Painting

A roof is a very important aspect of a house. It provides protection to the entire house from the harsh sun, rain and dust. However, braving these elements over a long period of time weathers out the roof itself and causes it to lose its paint and shine. With a proper paint and coating, your house, no matter how old can roar back to life and shine like new. Our cost-effective and professional roof painting services help it regain its lost glory. We provide services for your residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Our roof and exterior painting services include the following:

Roof Restoration

A roof not only binds the whole house together, it also provides the crucial structural integrity to it. Hence, it should be regularly inspected, cleaned, painted, and repaired so that you and your family remain safe and enjoy the property to the fullest. A roof restoration is essential if it has developed cracks, causes leakages, or is damaged in some way. If you live in a pre-owned house, it becomes even more important to get your roof periodically checked for such issues. Allow a professional roofer to conduct a thorough inspection who will then suggest a remedial plan of action.

Our roof restoration services include both the terracotta roof tiles and cement roof tiles.

Terracotta Roof Tiles Restoration: Terracotta tiles require slightly more maintenance and also more skill and experience in handling than the normal metal or cement tiles. The biggest issues that plague these tiles are accumulation of algae, moss, and retention of moisture. Overtime, these issues cause the tiles to get softer and break. We specialise in using techniques like high pressure cleaning that remove these problems from your terracotta roof and make them look as good as new.

Cement Roof Tiles Restoration: These are the most commonly installed roofs since they are economical, strong, and provide better resistance to the harsh elements of weather. However, with time, even they become prone to cracks and damage due to heat and dust. We restore cement tiled roofs by replacing cracked tiles and repointing ridge caps. Wherever required, we also use high pressure cleaning to remove dust and other unwanted particles from your roof. Finally, the roof is coated to provide protection from harsh weather and give it the required shine and finish.

Roof Repair

Australian weather is known to be particularly harsh and takes its toll on our homes, notably roofs. Overtime, roofs develop cracks, get damaged, and develop leakages. So it is important to carry out regular maintenance and repair of your roof. Before undertaking anything, we undertake a comprehensive inspection of your home and the roof. The repair job will vary depending upon whether terracotta or cement tiles are installed. 

We also conduct emergency repairs caused as a result of an unfortunate accident or natural calamities. Our roof repair services also include repointing ridge capping. This process ensures that the ridge caps are secured in place and your roof is in its best condition.
If and when you notice problems, it is best to act immediately and call for an inspection. This will arrest any minor issues from becoming major problems in the days to come. This is where we can help you. Call us today for a complete evaluation.